The Oh in Ohio (2006)

The Oh in Ohio HD
The Oh in Ohio

The Oh in Ohio

The Oh in Ohio    Mar 30, 2006

N/A 2006 88 min Comedy, Drama, Romance

5.7/10 by 23 users

Parker Posey, Danny DeVito, Paul Rudd, Mischa Barton, Miranda Bailey, Keith David, Heather Graham

United States of America

sex, adultery, depression, infidelity, nightclub, nudity, orgasm, promise, bikini, guru, love, lesbian, lust, drug, therapy, pleasure


Priscilla and Jack appear to be the perfect couple, but they have a secret: She is sexually frustrated. They separate in the hope of resolving the situation. While Jack moves into a bachelor pad and begins an affair with a student, Priscilla discovers the joys of self-pleasuring and finds an unusual bed-mate.

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