Straightheads (2007)

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Straightheads    Apr 27, 2007

N/A 2007 88 min Thriller

5.2/10 by 37 users

Gillian Anderson, Danny Dyer, Adam Rayner, Antony Byrne, Anthony Calf, Ralph Brown, Steven Robertson, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Francesca Fowler

United Kingdom

london england, countryside, rape, sex, trauma, van, assault, horror, party, revenge, murder, attack, gang, car accident, scar, violence, mugging


There is instant chemistry between Alice (Gillian Anderson), a businesswoman, and Adam (Danny Dyer), a younger working-class man who installs a security system in her London apartment. She takes him to a party in the country, and they end up making love. But the night turns horrific when they encounter three thugs who maim Adam and rape Alice. The incident turns them into fearful recluses until Alice spots the leader of their attackers (Anthony Calf) -- and the two victims plot a brutal revenge.

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